Google Summer Of Code 2020 Report

Hello everyone, I am here to present my GSoC 2020 report under CNCF. My contributions/work can be viewed at prometheus/test-infra and Also I will be continuing my contributions after the GSoC period

I would like to give a huge thanks to my mentor, who continuously helped me to complete this awesome journey.

What did I solve?

  1. Develop prometheus benchmark infrastructure with KIND

    Description: Currently, prombench is deployed on GKE which takes a lot of time and resources. To overcome this we got a solution to use KIND for deployment of prombench on local/virtual machine, which is very fast as compared to GKE and useful to run it locally.

  2. Refactor prombench infrastructure and manifest deployable for KIND and EKS.

    Description: Due to the tightly coupled of prombench with GKE, we have to refactor both infra and manifests to make it more generic and deployable for both EKS and KIND.

  3. Fix Node Exporter to show the metrics related to SSD

    Description: Node Exporter is not showing metrics related to SSD. To fix this we need to upgrade node exporter and add a new flag called “–path.rootfs”

  4. Add descriptions to the Grafana dashboard regarding prombench

    Description: Current Grafana dashboard is not having the descriptions of prombench, which will be difficult for a new user to understand.

  5. Increase Retention period of loki to 90 days

    Note: This task is not a priority, so I will complete it after the gsoc period. BTW, a PR has been raised to solve this issue.

Extra fixes

  1. PR: prometheus/test-infra/pull#432
  2. PR: prometheus/test-infra/pull#433

What did I learn?

  1. First and most important- Architecture of Prometheus and infrastructure of prombench
  2. Good maintenance of code repository
  3. KIND(Kubernetes In Docker) architecture and usage of its go pkg.
  4. Have patience for PR reviews :smiley:

Written on August 16, 2020